Feature Request Page

In general:

  • add your suggestion to the bulleted lists.
  • Do not delete other people's suggestions.
  • Include your chat name if you want devs to be able to ask follow-up questions.

Camera Ideas

  • FIXED 6/17/2010: Tai and everyone: full screen cams
  • FIXED 6/17/2010: j4s0n_m0nk_3y/Mu/others: improve cam resolution
  • FIXED 6/17/2010: Leeloo (via j4s0n_m0nk_3y): mute audio on cam start. Might help reduce load on red5 too?
  • FIXED 6/17/2010: completely remove the webcam and speaker icons from the cam feed when the mouse is not hovering over the feed.
  • Make the gray area where names are displayed transparent or scroll over. COMMENT from m0nk_3y: this area is not covering the cam, just a simple way to display the name and close button.
  • SickSystem (via j4s0n_m0nk_3y): UNgrey out 'Settings' from the cam right-click menu
  • j4s0n_m0nk_3y: investigate lower fps upload/broadcast option (so that those with slow upload times don't lag out like they do on TC)

Layout Ideas

  • FIXED LATE JUNE: jeff: TC has the time index of the chat mssg prefixed to the username (like "[12:34] jeff: blah blah blah" for example). Can that be done here? Useful to know how old a post is! :)
  • FIXED LATE JUNE: TinyChat conv is easier to follow because the same color is applied to user name and text — text from all users is displayed in the same color here which makes it harder to distinguish at a glance. Perhaps apply the user name coloring to the entire line of text.
  • inters5: 3 different display options for netbooks, notebooks and widescreen desktops
  • Be able to minimize the Names on the side in order to leave more space for chat/cams
  • Smaller self-cam window.
  • j4s0n_m0nk_3y/astounding: PMs using a pop-up/slide-up div similar to Facebook would be cool. Site currently uses pop-up windows which get blocked by most browsers. note from cold_in_nc to @jason, ExtJS can do the popup thing without using popups.
  • PMs / Private Chats open in the same window! This means if you have a chat going with personA, personB can send you a private message that bumps personA.

Other Ideas

  • Fre: A logout link on the dashboard for when a complete refresh/reload is required.
  • cold_in_nc: It would be nice to have a feed from Reddit/GW in a div.
  • cold_in_nc: It would be nice to popup a search of reddit/GW when you click on a user's screenname.
  • northman: It would be more user friendly for the chat window to have a purge option. If you have been in the chat for hours, you can purge everything/start fresh to make scrolling a lot easier going forward.
  • support for IRC commands / ability to change your nic with a /nick command like TC *edit* rawr: others like /me as well.
  • zex: Make links posted in chat open in a new window/tab instead of replacing chat window.
  • Ink_It: tab completion of names in chat. So for example, if I type In and press tab it would bring up a list of possible name matches.
  • Ink_It: Hilight window, if someone says your name in a sentence, that sentence is logged in a seperate window.
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