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Workarounds to Known Issues

My cam shows up white

1. RIGHT CLICK the spinning wheel to the left and then click SETTINGS

2. On the PRIVACY TAB click the ALLOW radio button, then check REMEMBER

3. You can select your cam/mic on the corresponding settings tabs (Your cam won't work if it's in use somewhere else)

4. Click the link to the right to turn on your cam and enjoy! If it doesn't work then make sure you have selected the correct camera on the Camera tab in settings.

How to improve my cam's image quality

Aalchemy reports that using your cam with immediately before going to RGW (RedditGoneWild) improves the broadcast quality on RGW.

Tai discovered that if your cam appears as pixelated, while you're on-cam at RGW enter a random room (and then exit it if you want) and it clears the cam pixelation up.

Cam playback freezes

Right click on the cam and select 'rewind' to restart the cam. If that doesn't work, the cammer might have left the room and the user list just hasn't been updated yet.

Things don't look right using IE

Chrome is the browser of choice. Firefox and Safari also work well.

Idea for how to keep video full-screen on Windows

What is up with PMs?

Private messages currently open a new browser window. This means that the person you are PMing needs to disable pop-up blocking for this site in order to get PMs. You can only get PMs from one person. If you are chatting with personA and personB sends you a PM then your convo with personA gets lost. This will probably be fixed within a week or two.

If you are using Chrome then you disable pop-up blocking by going to Tools->Options->UnderTheHood->ContentSettings->PopUps->Exceptions and add ''.

If you are using FireFox then you disable pop-up blocking by going to Tools->Options->Content->Exceptions(for block pop-ups) and add ''.

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